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Healthy Breakfast Foods

Healthy Breakfast: An Excellent Way To Lose Your Weight

How to lose weight with a healthy breakfast

Have you ever pondered that the first meal of the day can be a way to lose your weight? But on one condition that your breakfast should be healthy and must be full of proper amount of all the essential nutrients.

•    Protein and Fiber rich foods

You need to add protein and fiber rich foods to your diet as they fill you up and keep you satisfied for a long time and will keep you away from overeating. Eggs and milk are must have at breakfast and they are also high protein foods. Fruit like apple, strawberries, kiwis or oats and whole grains should also be included in your breakfast as they are rich in fiber and provide you the enough energy to keep going. Peanut butter is also among the richest source of nutrients such as protein and fiber as two tablespoons of it supplies your body 7 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber.

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•    Carbohydrates

It is said that carbohydrates make you gain weight and that can surely be true if you take the wrong ones. The thing is, taking the right and proper amount of Carbohydrates can be an awesome way to lose weight. Oatmeal, black and green peas, acorn squash and whole wheat bread are the best carbs option to be included in your breakfast.

•    Yogurt

Yogurt is considered as one of the healthiest foods and is also among the best options for healthy breakfast but should be taken according to your serving of protein. You should only use the plain and natural yogurt and say no to frozen yogurt which are packed with calories and sugar. And you never know how many of them have been made with artificial ingredients so you better refrain from using such products and use the natural yogurt. It can also be decorated with cereals and fruit at home for more benefits and better taste.

•    Milk

I do not think that there would be a single person on the planet earth who is unaware of how advantageous and surprisingly beneficial milk is for one's health. Milk has countless benefits. A cup of milk contains 8 grams of protein, and is also extremely rich in vitamins and minerals. Getting these nutrients at the very start of the day enables you to have a jump-start on your nutrient requirements. Low fat milk is very beneficial for weight loss.

•    Green Tea

Green tea is another way to lose weight and better be replaced with your morning coffee as it has less caffeine and is more hydrating than coffee. It is also among the best ways to increase the body's metabolism.

Starting your day from eating healthy and filling meals keeps you energetic and satisfied for the entire day and take you away from overeating.